SolarWinds RMM: Patch Management Engine Update, Improved Resource Center, June Releases Recap Video

June was a busy month with the release of several major feature enhancements, including Active Issues, Unmonitored Devices, Linux Agent 2.0 and feature policy permissions for co-managed IT. Here’s a quick video recap to help you take advantage of all the latest improvements…


This week, we’re pleased to let you know we’re rolling out a new ‘Resource Center’ section that you can access top right of the console. It’s designed to give you all the information and help you need as you use the product, including ‘quick start guides’ for new accounts, easier access to the help file, a ‘what’s new’ sectionwith links to these release posts, and more (note that ‘Events’ won’t show for users who are based on the ‘Standard’ and ‘Client’ roles).

Initially the updated Resource Center will be available for English-language accounts, and is due to be rolled out gradually in the coming days. We plan to update non-English accounts as well in due course.

new resource center


Patch Management Engine v1.2.6

In addition, there’s an update to the Patch Management Engine, with general performance and hardening improvements – see the release notes section below for details.

Summary for Service Release
– Patch Management Engine v1.2.6, customer bug fixes
– RMM Console v2020.07.07
– No agent changes

RMM Console v2020.07.07
UPDATE: New ‘Resource Center’ for English language accounts
BUGFIX: Resolved issue preventing deleting of clients (US territory)
BUGFIX: Resolved issue causing devices to be stuck in ‘awaiting first upload’
BUGFIX: Resolved issue with notes not being added when clearing a check
BUGFIX: Resolve issue causing notes to not show in the south pane
BUGFIX: Improvement to loading speed of the ‘Feature Policy Report’
BUGFIX: Improvement to loading speed of Patch Management Workflow dialog when using a client group
BUGFIX: Resolve filtering issue in Active Issues when going between it and main console
BUGFIX: Resolve filtering issue in Active Issues when using Firefox browser
BUGFIX: Resolve issue preventing creation of a new Web Protection policy
KNOWN ISSUE: Software modifications in the Asset Modification Report are temporarily missing from the report

Patch Management Engine v1.2.6

UPDATE: Do not unload PME module from memory after each call on Windows Servers
UPDATE: Add RpcServerConfiguration.xml to PME Diagnostics
BUGFIX: PME not rolling back original settings of DeferFeatureUpdatesPeriodInDays after patch detection
BUGFIX: PME is not deleting all temporary files created during scan and remediation actions
BUGFIX: PME can’t upgrade when Patch Scan is running

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