SolarWinds Passportal New Feature: Automated Workflows

SolarWinds Passportal is proud to launch our brand new feature for Passportal: Automated Workflows.

With Automated Workflows you are allowed to set and forget a variety of different “Triggers” for action within your portal. Triggers like: domains coming up for expiration, users logging in outside trusted IP addresses, and when a document is turned on for public sharing, to name a few.

The “Filters” will allow you to set up very granular controls on data is being monitored and are controlled by the trigger selected.

Finally, the “Action” is the desired route of letting the MSP (or user) know of what is happening within their portal. Our current available actions include: PSA ticket creation, Messenger notification, Portal notification or email notification.

Find our brand new feature by following Login -> Settings -> Automated Workflows

And find our log of the completed workflows by following Login -> Reports -> Workflow Event History

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