SolarWinds RMM: Service Release with 2FA Reset Enhancement

We’re pleased to announce that we’re currently rolling out a very nice improvement to the way RMM supports Two-Factor Authentication resets. This helps partners in the event a user has upgraded or lost their phone and no longer has the authenticator app installed, and didn’t keep a copy of the recovery code.

Up until now the user would have had to contact our Customer Success team to request a reset. Going forward, we’ve added the ability for customers to do this themselves through RMM’s UI. This makes it a much quicker and smoother process all round.

Here are the details…

  1. Go to the User Accounts dialog and select the user who has lost their 2FA passcode
  2. Right-click to open up the context menu, then select Two Factor Authentication -> Reset 2FA.
  3. Click “Reset 2FA”, then click “Save” on the User Accounts dialog

2fa reset 1

2fa reset 2

4. The next time the user in question logs in, they’ll be asked to set up 2FA again, as if their first time.

There are a couple of conditions attached to the ability to perform this 2FA reset:

  • The user who is performing the reset on behalf of a colleague need to themselves be logging in with 2FA
  • The user performing the reset needs to be using the ‘Superuser’ role
  • The Superuser profile needs to have the new ‘Security’ permission enabled (on by default for Superusers)

When these conditions are met, then the user can perform the reset action.

2fa reset 3

We’re very pleased to bring you this update, and we’ll be enabling this option in all the territories shortly.

In addition, we have a few bug fixes going out in this week’s update, see the release notes below for details.

Summary for Service Release
– Service release with Two Factor Authentication update
– RMM Console v2020.04.28
– No agent updates

RMM Console v2020.04.28
FEATURE: Customers can now reset 2FA passcodes themselves
UPDATE: A new ‘security’ permission to enable 2FA passcode reset
BUGFIX: Ensure Monitoring Templates do not prompt to replace checks when choosing add to existing checks and tasks
BUGFIX: Address a ticket creation error for Autotask integrations

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