SolarWinds RMM: Service Release with New Windows RC Agent 10.9.10

We’re very pleased to confirm this week’s SolarWinds RMM Service release, which is packed with bugfixes, enhancements and a new Windows RC agent.

All the details…

First up, we’d like to call your attention to changes within Managed Antivirus – where it will now be possible to employ both the Asterisks question marks to denote wildcards in your Managed Antivirus Policies.

The asterisk (*) will substitute for zero or more characters.
The question mark (?) will substitute for exactly one character. As a benefit of this, you can use several question marks to define any combination of a specific number of characters. For example, “???” substitutes any combination of exactly three characters.

In Patch Management, we’re continuing to roll out valuable updates – in this update, we’ve deployed bugfixes to assist with Driver Installation, as well as correcting an error on Feature install. This update will be rolling out to all partners as of Wednesday, 26th February 2020.

In the RMM RC Agent, we’re continuing to double down on customer service priorities!

Summary for Service Release
– Service release with Windows RC Agent, MAV, Patch updates
– RMM Console v2020.02.24
– Windows RC Agent 10.9.10

Windows RC Agent 10.9.10
BUGFIX: Addresses issue which can cause the Take Control button to disappear

Patch Management Engine (PME v1.1.12)
BUGFIX: Resolved bug where drivers still appear greyed out (not deployable) in RMM
BUGFIX: Fixed “Patch Time Out” error when installing Feature Updates, although the patch is successfully installed

Managed Antivirus (Bitdefender)
UPDATE: Managed Antivirus (MAV-BD) Added support for the following special characters in exclusions ? # & ; @ * + ^
UPDATE: Managed Antivirus (MAV-BD) Added support for wildcards in exclusions for paths, threat-names, hashes and certificates

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