SolarWinds Backup: Changes to DNS, May Impact Firewall Users

As part of ongoing integration work between SolarWinds® Backup RMM integrated (MOB) and the standalone edition, some DNS names have been changed. Customers using firewalls or other web traffic filters will need to whitelist the new DNS to prevent any issues. This change affects users of Backup standalone, RMM integrated, and N-central® integrated versions.

These DNS should be whitelisted if router or firewall rules are in place to allow full communication to all cloud storage nodes:

In addition to the new DNS entries, we are also changing some IP addresses associated with these domains. If you’re using static IP whitelisting, please update your whitelists to include the above DNS addresses to avoid service interruption.

For more details on firewall configuration and ports upon which the Backup Manager relies, please consult the full documentation:

For RMM integrated:

For standalone:

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