SolarWinds RMM: Service Release and February Releases Roundup Video

We’re pleased to let you know that this week’s RMM release is now out in all the territories. The latest update contains a set of performance updates and bug fixes, as well as an improvement to the agent push-install feature available on the Networks tab.

Going forward, when you want to onboard a server or workstation from the Networks tab, you no longer need to enter the ‘primary access key’ as you did before. It’s a small update but one that makes this important feature easier to use. Additionally, we’ve addressed a bug related to the scanning of the subnet that your device is on, so that it now includes any devices on subnet x.x.x.254, as these were previously missed.

We would also like to highlight that we have added a new user permission to show or hide LogicCards, depending on your preference. Note that LogicCards is not available to users based on the ‘Client’ system role. We also want to point out that LogicCards does not support the ‘Client Groups’ feature, so you may wish to disable LogicCards for any users with ‘Client Groups’ enabled and who are not using the Client system role.

In addition, here’s a short release video with all the feature highlights we released to RMM in February – enjoy!


Summary for Service Release
– Service release with performance updates and bug fixes
– RMM Console v2020.03.03
– No agent changes

RMM Console v2020.03.03
UPDATE: A new user permission to show or hide LogicCards
UPDATE: No longer required to add the primary access key when using agent push install on the Networks tab
BUGFIX: Update to the scan on Networks tab to include devices on subnet x.x.x.254
BUGFIX: Resolved issue whereby the Settings dropdown was not selectable on the Alert Routing settings dialog
BUGFIX: Fixed translation error for Portuguese on the Take Control policy dialog
BUGFIX: Resolve issue with Windows 10 device showing as a Windows XP device



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