Advance Notice: Update to RMM Managed Antivirus – Bitdefender (MAV-BD)

Please be advised we will be publishing an update for Managed Antivirus MAV-BD v6.6.13.184 and V6.4.2.79 starting February 3rd. This release provides an update to our MAV-BD agent to containing an update to the code signing certificate; all other functionality is unchanged.

This update will require the Managed Antivirus Endpoint Master service to be restarted, any checks ran during this time may fail but resume as expected as the Managed Antivirus Endpoint Master service is back online.

We’re releasing this update to ensure new Agent installs will continue to use an up-to-date digital signature. Existing agent versions are not effected but for general good practice, we encourage you to update existing devices to the new Agents at your convenience as well.

The release will begin rolling out to the first set of RMM territories starting February 3rd and is expected to be available in all regions by the end of the week.

The new Bitdefender engine version should not require any reboot. If a reboot should be needed, it will be displayed in the RMM dashboard. Ensure the delay and reboot settings in your policies are set accordingly for your customers.


Delaying Engine Upgrades

MAV-BD Engine upgrades can be delayed by up to 10 days in the Managed Antivirus protection policy. Upgrades can also be delayed for weekends and evening hours. Please refer to RMM’s help file for more detail on this feature.


Handling MAV-BD Reboots

  • Reboots can be automatically enabled for the upgrade process by selecting an option in the MAV policy under the “Installation Settings” tab. Automatic reboots occur within 5 minutes of taking the update. Please ensure this option is disabled if you do not want your end user machine to automatically reboot. If the automatic reboot option is not enabled, the reboot will be displayed as a blue dot within the North Pane of the RMM Dashboard, indicating that the machine needs a reboot to complete the installation.  Reboot the machine at your earliest convenience.


Determining the version on a device:

The version of the MAV agent, as well as the MAV engine version, can be seen in 2 places – by looking at the Managed Antivirus Check (Bitdefender), or by running the Managed Antivirus Protection Report.

To see the version of the agent within the MAV check, navigate to the South Pane of the device and find the Managed Antivirus Check – Bitdefender and select the “More Information” link.  To see across devices, run the Managed Antivirus Protection Report under Reports > Managed Antivirus > Antivirus Protection Report. Ensure that the Agent Version and Engine Version columns are selected from the Column drop down.

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