SolarWinds RMM: Service Release with new Windows GA Agent

We’re pleased to let you know this week’s RMM release is rolling out across all the territories and is expected to complete by end of the week. In this update, Windows Agent 10.9.9 is promoted to the new Generally Available (GA) agent – it contains a whole series of updates, performance improvements and bug fixes, please see release notes below for details.

We’re continuing to make improvements to the Patch Management “Management Workflow” dialog – this week we’ve enabled a new client and site filter, making it very easy to see which patches are applicable to which customers. As highlighted previously, we intend to retire the old ‘Approval Policy’ dialog in the not too distant future, we kindly request you start to use the new ‘Management Workflow’ option if you’re not already doing so.

patch workflow client filter


Summary for Service Release
– Service release with Windows RC Agent
– RMM Console v2020.02.05
– Windows Agent v10.9.9 GA

RMM Console v2020.02.05
UPDATE: New client & site filter in Patch Management’s “Management Workflow” dialog
UPDATE: Improvement to how monitoring templates are queued for offline devices to ensure they receive the correct checks/tasks
Update: Managed Antivirus (MAV-BD) An updated code signing certification to our MAV-BD agent to is now available in all regions.
BUGFIX: Correct issue whereby a Windows 10 device was showing as a Windows XP device
BUGFIX: Improved install process for Take Control to resolve a stalled pending status
BUGFIX: Correct character display issue in emails with the Performance History Report
BUGFIX: Resolve issue whereby the Check Clearing Report was showing duplicate entries

Windows Agent v10.9.9 GA
Windows Agent 10.9.9 includes the updates since the current production Agent v10.9.5:

Windows RC Agent v10.9.9 RC
UPDATE: Update Patch Management Engine version to install v1.1.7 out the box
UPDATE: Take Control agent update for TeamViewer v12 (** see note below for details)
BUGFIX: Address Kaspersky issue in Antivirus Update Check

Windows Agent v10.9.8 RC

UPDATE: Change to the default run time for the Daily Safety Check from 6am to 10am for Workstations (Servers unchanged at 6am) for new device installs
UPDATE: Updated Patch Management Engine version on first install
UPDATE: Automation Manager ‘ScriptRunner’ v2.15
BUGFIX: Update to the Take Control agent install process to reduce instance of Take Control button not showing
BUGFIX: Resolve Patch Management status scan failing issue due to “failed to connect to an IPC port”
BUGFIX: Update to Kaspersky in Antivirus Update check to match the product’s registry key change
BUGFIX: Fix for the Webpage Check when it fails incorrectly with ‘text not found’

Windows 10.9.7 RC
UPDATE: Automatically remove archive backup record in RMM when deleted in Backup Manager
BUGFIX: Update to Rapid Recovery in the Backup check to handle HH.MM.SS time format
BUGFIX: Update to last boot time logic to pull from WMI as primary source over endpoint performance counters

RMM Agent 10.9.6 RC
UPDATE: Increase memory allocation for RMM Agent to 200MB
BUGFIX: Corrected Backup Check failure notification with IASO Backup Manager
BUGFIX: Fixed Page File setting to be optional in Performance Monitoring Check

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