SolarWinds RMM: Service Release with New Mac GA Agent

We’re pleased to announce that we’re making Agent 3.3.0 the new GA Agent for Mac workstations. This release has been notarized by Apple for macOS Catalina, and will be available to all customers by Friday.

Mac Agent 3.3.0 has several exciting Mac updates, including the option reboot Macs from the dashboard, a simplified registration process for new devices, run tasks without prompting user notifications, and more. For a full list of what’s new in Agent 3.3.0, please see the previous release post.

We’re also introducing a new “Managed Patch for Mac” report that is separate from the Automated Tasks report.  Paired with the new “Managed Patch Status” script check, it will give you a greater overview of the status of patching on your Macs.

mac patch report

mac patch report 2


In addition to the Mac related updates, the release also includes several customer bug fixes and updates, please see the release notes below for info.

Here are all the details for this week’s RMM release…

Summary for Service Release
– Service release with Mac agent update
– RMM Console v2019.10.02
– Mac GA Agent 3.3.0

RMM Console v2019.10.02
FEATURE: New Managed Patch for Mac report
UPDATE: Option to specify client in the ‘list_failing_checks’ API call
UPDATE: Prompt to download the Take Control and RBM viewer in Chrome browser if not installed
BUGFIX: Don’t show LogicCards for users who have a client group set
BUGFIX: Resolve loading issue for the Added and Removed Devices report
BUGFIX: Address reliability of Executive Summary Report sending schedule
BUGFIX: Don’t show bulk tasks options when all clients is selected in client tree
BUGFIX: Resolve issue with the Perform Disk Maintenance automated task
BUGFIX: Update to address a PSA-related bug when migrating to new PSA integration

Mac Agent 3.3.0 GA
Includes all the Mac agent updates since the previous GA v3.2.1:

Mac Agent 3.3.0 (Release Candidate) – requires OS X 10.10 Yosemite or newer
UPDATE: Enroll the device to the selected client and site from the agent installer dialog

UPDATE: Support for ‘dark mode’ of the Agent dialog in Mojave

Mac Agent 3.3.0 known issue: Agent enrollment from the installer does not yet work in Catalina.  An error message will be displayed.


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