SolarWinds RMM: Mac Agent Updates, Improvement to Network Devices

We’re pleased to announce that we’re rolling out a new Mac Agent this week, v3.3.0 RC, with several features, bug fixes and performance updates. We’re also making Agent v3.2.1 the new GA Agent for Mac workstations. This update is expected to complete for all territories by end of the week.

In addition, we released an update to the Networks scan to improve network device ‘fingerprinting’, so that we’re now identifying more device manufacturers. Please head over to the Networks tab to see the improvement across your connected devices. We have more updates planned in this area, please let us know if we’re missing a particular manufacturer or model that’s important to you.

We’re also pleased to confirm that the UI update, the speed improvement and the new customer search box highlighted earlier this week are now rolled out to customers in all the territories. We hope you like the improvements, please share your feedback to help us make further improvements in this area!

To highlight all the enhancements in Mac Agent v3.3.0, here’s a quick summary:


  • Agent enrollment from the installer

Previously, when installing the Mac Agent, one had to remember to also register the Agent with the RMM Dashboard.  This is now a lot easier with the agent registration now part of the Installer app.

mac agent 1mac agent 2

  • macOS Mojave dark appearance support

One of Mojave’s most popular features is Dark Mode, and now our Agent and user notifications will go dark too.

mac agent 3

  • Ability to silence user notifications on Automated Tasks

Now you can run the task without notifying the user.

mac agent 4

  • Notification to log out to run the task

For tasks that have the “Run only if user logged out” box selected, the user will receive a notification if they are logged in when the task tries to run, effectively asking them to logout.

mac agent 5

  • New Automated Task is available to send custom user messages

There’s a new Automated Task that sends a user message via the macOS Notification Center. Simply add your string in the task, then run it to post the message.

mac agent 6

  • Reboot a Mac

The option to reboot a Mac is now available from the RMM Dashboard, just like you can for Windows devices.

mac agent 7

Users will be presented with warnings to save their work at 5 minutes before reboot and 1 minute before reboot:

mac agent 8

With a final warning at 15 seconds before the computer is restarted.

mac agent 9

Note that the new Mac Agent v3.3.0 requires OS X 10.10 Yosemite or newer.


Summary for Service Release
– Service release Mac Agent updates, Take Control video calling
– Console v2019.08.07
– Mac Agent v3.3.0 RC, Mac Agent v3.2.1 GA

RMM Console v2019.08.07
UPDATE: Enhancements to network device manufacturer detection (fingerprinting)
UPDATE: Ability to silence user notifications on automated tasks (requires Agent v3.3.0)
UPDATE: Notify users that a logout is required in order to run an automated task (requires Agent v3.3.0)
UPDATE: A new automated task to send users custom messages in macOS Notification Center (requires Agent v3.3.0)
UPDATE: Reboot a Mac workstation by right-clicking the device in the north pane (requires Agent v3.3.0)
BUGFIX: Resolved navigation issue when clicking a NetPath with widget dashboard as the default view

Mac Agent 3.3.0 (Release Candidate) – requires OS X 10.10 Yosemite or newer
UPDATE: Enroll the device to the selected client and site from the agent installer dialog
UPDATE: Support for ‘dark mode’ of the Agent dialog in Mojave

Mac Agent 3.2.1 GA
All the updates since the current Mac GA Agent v3.2.0:

Mac RC Agent v3.2.1

BUGFIX: Resolve issue that causes script checks to fail with “Bad parameter”
BUGFIX: Resolve issue that causes false Failed Login check alerts
BUGFIX: Resolve issue with certain tasks stuck in “Delayed” state

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