MSP Manager Update – New Features and Release Notes, New Asset Billing, Service Item Accounting Mapping, Ticket Details Preferences and More!

Time flies but your billing process doesn’t have to!


Does making sure new customers aren’t charged before they actually begin receiving your services “ruffle your feathers” during the billing process?

We have a “tweet” for you!  Flat Fee Service Items can now be configured with an option to start charging new assets only for the next full billing period.

full period only billing

Also, running and readjusting values in your accounting software to make the invoicing process work is “robin” you of too much time.  So the MSPM “flock” added additional customization of Service Items, allowing them to map directly to an integrated Accounting Item.

map accounting item

We understand that not all MSP’s like to work tickets the same way.  For some of our “eagle-eyed” partners, having too much information in Ticket Details is a little “hawk-ward”.  So now, you can choose to display or hide Ticket Details information from the Overview or Responses area.  You can find these options in Settings > Tickets & Workflows > Ticket Preferences.

ticket preferences

We hope you’re “egg”-cited.  Be-“caw”-se there’s more.

Custom Knowledge Templates have been around for a little while now, and we wanted to make it easier for you to access your new Custom Knowledge Types.  We’ve promoted these in the menu system, and moved the original Knowledge items in a sub menu called Legacy Knowledge.

We do have plans to MIGRATE these Legacy Knowledge items into the new Knowledge Templates, but there’s a few things we must handle first.  So for all you “early birds,” feel free to move them on your own, it won’t “bird”-en us or your system.  Otherwise, be patient with us and we’ll eventually take care of it for you.

We’re “talon” you, we’ve got great things coming!

While navigating through a ticket, we’ve updated our tab order to maximize efficiency.  You can also tab-complete searching in input fields now.

We’re “killing two birds with one stone.”  In addition to our new product features, we’ve got some bug fixes as usual.

Grab some “caw”-fee, here are the issues we fixed in this release:

  • Invoices exported via CSV doesn’t follow time zone/culture settings
  • Time Entry Rounding settings not translated to selected language
  • Time Entry/Type of Work not translated to selected language
  • Missing button to resend activation email
  • Assigned tickets go to the Unassigned queue
  • Missing Portuguese translations
  • Activation email not being sent successfully
  • Timer not updating User Activity > Last Activity
  • Unable to edit or save Access Group changes with some accounts
  • User shows as assigned to a ticket twice
  • No-reply email address being used for Private notes from tickets
  • Attachment received as a Ticket Request not automatically added when converting to a Ticket
  • Unable to import customer from N-central to MSP Manager
  • Cannot edit the quantity of Flag Fee Service Item
  • Unable to “break link” and edit Service Item that are generated from Service Plans
  • Portal displaying HTML code in the Ticket Details
  • Notifications for Ticket Requests are not being received
  • Quick Ticket displaying inaccurate date/time when selecting Mark as Complete
  • When editing a password for one customer it can be viewed on another customer at the same time

As a last note, “owl” add that we are aware that some of you have had duplicate customers get created.  We have already put solutions in place to stop new duplicates from being created.  We are working on a solution to automatically clean up the duplicates and merge any tickets, assets, etc that may be created under these duplicates.  We thank you for your patience on this matter.

We hope you’ll be “raven” about these latest product changes!

Wishing you all a great week, looking forward to your feedback as always. is where you can reach me.



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