SolarWinds RMM: Service Release with Windows RC Agent Update

We’re pleased to let you know that the latest RMM service release is in process of rolling out to all the territories. In this week’s update, we’re releasing a new Windows RC Agent, v10.9.2, with an improvement to how quickly the agent checks when a device boots up. The new agent will send a signal up to the RMM console shortly after startup to tell RMM that it’s back online. It means a device’s last response status in the dashboard is much more up to date with the device’s actual state.

The new 10.9.2 RC Agent also includes an update to ‘ScriptRunner’, the service that runs custom scripts created with Automation Manager, in preparation for the next Automation Manager upgrade. If you haven’t tried it yet, click here for details on how to take advantage of Automation Manager’s powerful script builder functionality.

We’re also in the process of releasing a Backup & Recovery agent upgrade, version v18.12. This contains performance updates and bug fixes. And finally, this week’s release includes a set of RMM bug fixes – please see the release notes below for details.

Note that the faster device check-in update is planned to go live in the next couple of days. Please be patient if the 10.9.2 RC Agent does not yet check in more quickly.


Summary for Service Release
– Service release with new Windows RC Agent, Backup Agent
– Dashboard v2019.06.12
– New Windows RC Agent 10.9.2, Backup Agent v18.12

Dashboard v2019.06.12
UPDATE: Faster device status update following reboot/startup (requires RC Agent 10.9.2)
BUGFIX: Resolved an issue in patch management where a device may encounter a reboot loop after installing a Feature Upgrade
BUGFIX: Update to AV Update check to ensure that release date and version match in all cases
BUGFIX: Performance update to Alert Routing Settings dialog to ensure it loads with many clients/sites in the tree
BUGFIX: Show Disk Space Change check percentages fully with decimals in the server/workstation daily and weekly reports
BUGFIX: In the Managed Antivirus settings dialog, don’t lose client selection focus when updating policies
BUGFIX: Backup v18.12 – Resolve daily backup schedule issue causing an extra backup if one or more days are excluded from the schedule
BUGFIX: Backup v18.12 – Fix issue for Backup of OneDrive related to ‘Access to the cloud file is denied’ error

Windows Agent 10.9.2
UPDATE: Ensure agents check-in to the dashboard as soon as possible after device start-up
UPDATE: Upgrade agent to automatically install ‘ScriptRunner’ v2.12 used by Automation Manager




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