SolarWinds RMM: Managed Antivirus for Mac is now GA

We’re pleased to let you know that the new Managed Antivirus for Mac feature is now generally available, with the latest Mac agent v3.2.0 going GA. The release is rolling out across the regions, starting in the Asia Pacific territory, and is expected to complete in the next few days.

As described in the previous post, Managed Antivirus for Mac works almost identically to MAV for Windows.  Mac devices on the 3.2.0 Agent that have MAV turned on will display an “Antivirus” tab in the South Pane with scan results and quarantined items. Scan results appear alongside Windows results in Antivirus reports, and it uses the same laptop and desktop workstation policies as Windows devices.

Sites that have Managed Antivirus enabled with the Bitdefender engine will automatically enable the MAV feature on the site’s Macs with the 3.2.0 Agent. Simply upgrade and be protected.


Update regarding the new at-a-glance RMM dashboard

Last week we announced an exciting new feature in RMM, the brand new dashboard view. The feature is already available to all customers in the North and South America regions as well as in Asia Pacific. It has also been turned on for a subset of customers in the UK and Europe regions. We’ve been working on a couple of updates and expect to recommence the roll-out soon so all customers can take advantage of the new dashboard feature.


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