Solarwinds Take Control (StandAlone) : coming soon: Licensing Enhancements

We are pleased to introduce our latest line of product enhancements for Solarwinds Take Control – Stand-alone edition. All the details….

In October 16, 2018, we relaunched the Take Control product.  That release included our Secrets Vaults tool as well as our Take Control tiers, and, for the first time, an in-product purchasing experience.

In this iteration, the in-product licensing tool set has been significantly upgraded in functionality.

Not only will you have the ability to add more licences – right there from the product:


You’ll also have the ability to switch from Take Control, to Take Control plus in the event that you find a need/demand for that extra functionality.

Note: when these options are selected, you’ll be taken to our e-commerce engine so that you can complete your transaction:



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