SolarWinds RMM: Coming soon – New revision to PSA integration

We’re very pleased to advise that we have a new PSA integration technology being introduced.

In this revision, we have made a significant set of enhancements which are designed to make your PSA integration significantly more robust, fault tolerant, and scalable. This will be available to all customers who currently integrate with ConnectWise Rest or Autotask.

It should be noted that this is in an RC phase, and is not yet fully complete. We’ll continue to be making enhancements over the coming months, so, if you do decide to adopt this, we’d love to hear your thoughts and feedback.

This release is of significance because this changes how we communicate out to the integrated PSA. The main difference is that this architecture allows us to send events in real time to the integrated PSA – making this significantly more responsive than ever before. Additionally, the update means that we’re able to add in a variety of new customer facing features, while simultaneously being able to efficiently address customer service priorities.

The first such enhancement which we’ve added for this release is support for Sites in ConnectWise – one of our top priority enhancement requests from this customer segment.

The next enhancement which is available in this release is the support to integrate your network devices to your PSA system.

In this release the first thing you will notice is that you are able to migrate using a menu item here:


When you select this option, you’ll be guided through the short steps required to complete the migration.

One thing to bear in mind is that for Autotask integrated accounts – there may be some further configuration required from the configuration.

The migration wizard will copy all your assets into the new mapping screen. It will also migrate your open tickets.


In order to complete the migration, after finalising your config (a necessary step for Autotask customers):


You will be invited to visit the updated “Asset mappings” screen. This is our next major enhancement in this release. What you’ll see here is that this dialog has been entirely re-written in an updated style:


While in here, you can navigate through your RMM assets, ensuring they are mapped to the corresponding PSA entities – all for Clients, Sites and Devices.

When mapped, all the ticket routing will commence as normal – allowing you to leverage the strengths of the RMM platform right from your PSA.

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