Coming Soon to RMM: ConnectWise Rest Migration Wizard

We want to let you know that we’ll soon be releasing a new feature in the SolarWinds RMM Dashboard which will allow our ConnectWise and ConnectWise MSP integrated customers to migrate their integration to the very latest ConnectWise REST API infrastructure.

We encourage you to perform this update to ensure your integration is using the very latest infrastructure provided by ConnectWise, allowing both parties the opportunity to give you the best possible level of service.

To make the migration to the updated service as smooth and easy as possible, we’ve implemented a Migration Wizard that will walk you through each of the steps.

Please note: This update only applies to customers who have an existing integration with ConnectWise or ConnectWise MSP.  Customers who wish to enable an integration for the first time, or customers who wish to re-instate a previous Solarwinds <> ConnectWise Integration, will automatically use the new connection setup.

Here are all the details you need to know for accounts with the ConnectWise integration:

  1. Go to ‘Settings’ > ‘PSA Integration’, then select the new ‘Migrate Integration’ option:Menu_select
  2. When launched, you will be prompted for your ConnectWise Public / Private key combination:
    Note: To populate these credentials, you will need to create an API Member in ConnectWise and retrieve the corresponding public/private keys.
  3. Once entered, the user will be guided through the Wizard. Pick the Auto Migrated Settings option or select the manual Migration Wizard:
    Wizard_2The Automated wizard will attempt to fully migrate all of your ConnectWise settings, and only prompt where user input is required. The manual Migration Wizard option allows for a more granular control over migration – allowing the user to modify each step in the process.
  4. Once all the configuration steps have been completed either manually, or automatically, the new configuration settings will be tested and saved:



This completes the ConnectWise migration process. It is designed to be an automated process that completes within minutes.


Summary for release:
– Introducing ConnectWise migration Wizard
– RC Agent 10.6.0
– Upgrade of Backup & Recovery Agent to 16.11
– Improved Performance of AV checks

Dashboard 6.47
FEATURE: Implement ConnectWise Migration Wizard
FEATURE: Updated PSA connection strategy for ConnectWise
BUGFIX: Resolve issue with the AVG update check to include AVG versions 16 and 17

Agent 10.6.0 RC*
UPDATE: Upgrade of Backup & Recovery agent to 16.11 (infrastructure, no customer facing changes)
UPDATE: Performance update to the Antivirus check for faster processing and results
BUGFIX: Resolve issue with the Antivirus Update Check to support AVG versions 16 and 17
BUGFIX: Updated detection for Panda Cloud Office Protection 6 in the Antivirus Update Check to include Panda Endpoint Protection Version 7.70.0 and Panda Agent Version 7.80.0
BUGFIX: Ensure System Tray feature adheres to 50 character limit

* Important: Antivirus Update Check URL from Agent 10.6.0
Windows Monitoring Agent 10.6.0 introduced a change to the definition comparison process for the Antivirus Update Check.

From this release, the Agent queries a CloudFront address over a secure connection to retrieve the information required to determine whether the installed Antivirus product’s definitions are within the threshold or out-of-date.

To ensure the Agent can retrieve this information from CloudFront, we suggest that you whitelist the address below in your firewall or web-filtering software.

Please note that Amazon’s CloudFront Global Edge Network was utlised for this service, as it provides a consistent, high availability platform accessible from multiple geographically located download addresses. This CloudFront address is strictly used to query and retrieve the Antivirus Update information, it is not used in any other capacity to receive or host

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