Solarwinds RMM: Dashboard release with new Agent RC

Following our earlier post, We’re pleased to confirm that the latest Dashboard release is now being rolled out to the first set of territories. This update contains a new Windows RC Agent (v10.6.0RC), a new Mac Agent (v2.2.1RC) and a new Dashboard 6.47.

Today’s release is being pushed out to the Asia-Pacific region and in selected European countries and will be available by start of the business day tomorrow.

The rest of the territories, including the US, UK, Benelux, Germany, France and the Nordic countries will follow in the next few days.

Here are the details…

Summary for release:
– Introducing ConnectWise migration Wizard
– RC Agent 10.6.0
– Upgrade of Backup & Recovery Agent to 16.11
– Improved Performance of AV checks
– Mac Agent 2.2.0 promoted to GA
– RC Mac Agent 2.2.1

Dashboard 6.47
FEATURE: Implement ConnectWise Migration Wizard
FEATURE: Updated PSA connection strategy for ConnectWise
BUGFIX: Resolve issue with the AVG update check to include AVG versions 16 and 17

Agent 10.6.0 RC*
UPDATE: Upgrade of Backup & Recovery agent to 16.11 (infrastructure, no customer facing changes)
UPDATE: Performance update to the Antivirus check for faster processing and results
BUGFIX: Resolve issue with the Antivirus Update Check to support AVG versions 16 and 17
BUGFIX: Updated detection for Panda Cloud Office Protection 6 in the Antivirus Update Check to include Panda Endpoint Protection Version 7.70.0 and Panda Agent Version 7.80.0
BUGFIX: Ensure System Tray feature adheres to 50 character limit

Mac Agent 2.2.1 RC
BUGFIX: Resolves issue where RMM may delete a customer’s standalone TeamViewer install​
BUGFIX: Resolve issue around install/uninstall​

* Important: Antivirus Update Check URL from Agent 10.6.0
Windows Monitoring Agent 10.6.0 introduced a change to the definition comparison process for the Antivirus Update Check.

From this release, the Agent queries a CloudFront address over a secure connection to retrieve the information required to determine whether the installed Antivirus product’s definitions are within the threshold or out-of-date.

To ensure the Agent can retrieve this information from CloudFront, we suggest that you whitelist the address below in your firewall or web-filtering software.

Please note that Amazon’s CloudFront Global Edge Network was utlised for this service, as it provides a consistent, high availability platform accessible from multiple geographically located download addresses. This CloudFront address is strictly used to query and retrieve the Antivirus Update information, it is not used in any other capacity


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