SolarWinds Take Control: Android Mobile app update

As we discussed in our recent blog articles, we recently introduced our Secrets Vaults tool. This integrated tool allows Take Control users the ability to store client system credentials and then subsequently deliver those credentials to an in-session viewer – thereby helping streamline technician workflows and allowing the highly secure unlocking of client systems.

We are now pleased to advise that we’re taking Secrets Vaults to our Mobile apps.

Regardless of whether you’re using the admin area, the console, or the Android App—with parity of function – you can now fully leverage the power of Take Control Secrets Vaults.

Recall that when you add your clients’ credentials to a vault, that data is secured using a superlatively strong implementation of the SHA-256 function – using a password of your own choosing.


In addition to being able to use stored secrets to securely unlock remote endpoints upon session instantiation, you can also add secrets as they become available to the relevant vault, so that you, or other permissioned technicians, can also leverage these vital credentials. In addition, all mobile app communication occur over HTTPS / TLS1.2 – helping to further safeguard you and your clients.

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