SolarWinds Mail Assure: July 23rd Features and Updates Release

What’s new this week:

SolarWinds SSO support available

Support for SolarWinds SSO authentication will be enabled. This makes it easier to move between SolarWinds products.

On you’ll see a new “Login with SSO” button. By using this button, you will be taken directly to the dashboard (if you’re already logged in to another SolarWinds product using SSO) or you will be able to log in with your SolarWinds SSO credentials.

Alternatively, you can still log in with your Mail Assure credentials.


Resolved: fixed an issue where queries could be slow on clusters where many users have unsubscribed from Email Scout Reports (#35965)

Resolved: fixed an issue where the confirmation dialog would not always close on the first attempt when performing actions (#35954)

Resolved: removed the ‘import’ button from the Recommended tab on the ESR Templates page when not at the appropriate level (#35964)

Improved: the instructions for importing via CSV on all new-style pages has been improved (#34986)

Improved: the error message when uploading an invalid CSV has been improved (#36005)

Improved: the ‘Email Scout Reports’ button has been removed from the (preview) log search pages, as it is available in the main left-hand navigation menu (#35967)

Improved: the option names and help text on the ‘Configuration’ tab of the ‘Mailboxes Overview’ page have been improved ([136856])

Added: the (preview) outgoing log search now includes ‘blacklist sender’ as an action (#35960)

In case there are  items you would like to discuss in more detail, please contact support via

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