MSP Manager: July 20th Service Release

A publish is scheduled for MSP Manager (3.11.2) for Friday July 20th at 6:00 am GMT. The Update Window is approx. 5 hours and we do not anticipate any downtime.

This patch includes key fixes for both our existing and new user interface.

Fixed Issues

  •  A number of issues that may prevent new users from being able to successfully activate or login have been resolved.
  • An issue which prevented the ability to ‘Take Control’ of RMM integrated Assets from the new UI platform has been resolved.

New Known Issues

  •  When using multiple browser tabs or windows the Quick Ticket Icon may show an incorrect number or status of running timers. This will be resolved in an upcoming release.
  • The ‘Due Date’ filter in the ‘My Tickets’ dashboard my not function correctly using Microsoft Edge. To work around this issue use the Helpdesk section or Chrome browser.
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