SolarWinds Mail Assure: April 26th Features and Updates Release

We’re pleased to share the latest set of updates for SolarWinds Mail Assure, such as ‘Mailboxes overview’ page that will move out of preview mode,  email scout report auto-activation to include all spam, archive-only domains that now have log search access, LDAP authentication support for custom BindDN formatter.

What’s new this week:

‘Mailboxes overview’ moved out of preview mode

The ‘Mailboxes overview’ page will move out of preview mode as of this build. The page allows you to control if filtering is enabled/disabled for mailboxes by default, and to overrule the default setting per mailbox. This new page will eventually replace the ‘Local Recipients’, and ‘Email address aliases’ pages.

Email Scout Report auto-activation to include all spam

A flag has been added to the “Domain settings” where the ESR can be auto-activated for all users, to include all quarantined spam by default.

Archive-only domains now have log search access

When features preview is enabled, archive-only domains will now have the ability to use the log search system to quickly locate any archived messages, rather than requiring to use this functionality from the “Incoming” protections section.

LDAP authentication support for custom BindDN formatter

When allowing email users to authenticate via LDAP, the BindDN can now be customized to allow for Active Directory setups using a different domain for the user logic.


Resolved: Issue preventing locking identities on the ‘Manage Identities’ page at admin level (#35151)

Resolved: Issue, where a ‘failed to set region’ error, could be displayed when trying to add a domain (#35055)

Resolved: Issue with periodic responsiveness problems, particularly on pages involving outgoing users (#34056, #35045)

Resolved: Issue where the wrong ‘Custom Filtering Rules’ mode (simple/advanced) would be used when using ‘login as’ (#35071)

Resolved: Issue where Premium Private Label could display as disabled when it was actually enabled (#35094)

Resolved: Issue, where the ‘Execute search’ action for Email Scout Reports, would fail to work correctly (#35046)

Resolved: Issue where the LDAP Configuration advanced settings could be displayed incorrectly (#35101)

Resolved: Issue where the LDAP Mailbox Sync would wrongly show a mailbox as one that would be removed (#35106)

Resolved: Issue preventing using URL parameters in the support URL (#35139)

Adjusted: ‘Mailboxes overview’ moved out of preview ([133172])

Improved: Renamed the button ‘Preview’ to ‘Test’ in the LDAP Mailbox Sync page ([132820])

Improved: Removed the ability for email users to add email aliases (#35126)

Improved: Removed the ability for email users to whitelist themselves (#35105)

Improved: Changed ‘archive ID’ to ‘in archive’ in the (preview) log search pages (#34074)

Improved: Minor cosmetic improvements to the ‘Network tools’ / SMTP tab (#35073)

Improved: Added a clearer error message on the ‘Domain overview’ page when the admin complexity prevents the overview loading (#34813)

Improved: Adjusted the page introduction text on the ‘Domain settings’ page to match the ‘beneficial to train’ language, and make the ‘disable quarantine’ option behavior clearer ([133088])

Added: An option to have the automatic Email Scout Reports include all quarantined messages, rather than only those of which the filter was least certain (#34731)

Added: Links to search the archive via the log search page (preview feature) (#34074)

Added: a new ‘message content’ filter in the (preview) log search pages, when the domain has archiving enabled, the user is at the domain level, and real-time indexing is enabled (#34074)

Added: New options to ‘Mailboxes overview’ page (#34066)

Added: The ability to execute actions on all pages of search results (‘in bulk’) for the (preview) log search page and many other new-style pages (#31903)

Added: Support for custom BindDN formatter for LDAP authentication (#35050)

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