SolarWinds Mail Assure: Weekly Features and Updates Release

We’re pleased to provide an overview of new product updates that will go live on Monday, February 26. The main highlight is related to the new “Mailboxes Overview” page.

What’s new this week

New “Mailboxes Overview” Page

Users with ‘features preview’ enabled are able to see the initial version of our new ‘Mailboxes Overview’ page in this week’s release. This page will be a central location where a super-admin, admin or domain user can manage mailbox level settings.

The initial version of the ‘Mailboxes Overview’ page moves the ‘local recipients’ page to the ‘mailbox’ tab. This brings consistency with other pages (for example, the ability to export the list, group and filter results and use the page without navigating to ‘domain level’), and introduces the ‘mailbox’ term, which we will be moving to, rather than the less user-friendly ‘local part’.

Also, in the initial version, the ’email address aliases’ page moves to the ‘mailbox aliases’ tab on the new page. It brings consistency and uses the term ‘mailbox alias’ (or just ‘alias’) rather than ’email address alias’.

The final tab in the initial version of the ‘Mailboxes Overview’ page is currently only available when logged in as a domain user (as well as super-admin or admin which has moved to ‘domain level’), and is the ‘Configuration’ tab. The ‘use local recipients’ option from the old ‘local recipients’ page has moved here, it is now called ‘Accept mail only for specific mailboxes’ and has more help information available. Two new options are also available, that aren’t available in the old pages: the ability to automatically add mailboxes to the list on the ‘mailbox’ tab (‘Automatically discover mailboxes’), and the ability to set a maximum number of mailboxes for the domain.

We’ll be adding more functionality to the ‘Mailboxes Overview’ page in the upcoming releases. In the meantime, we would really appreciate your feedback – we try hard to incorporate as much as possible into development before features move to general release.


Front-end / GUI:

  • Resolved: Issue with ‘Create copy’ option missing at domain/admin level for LDAP mapping (#34443)
  • Resolved: Issue where the preview version of the log search page would show the main timestamp in the delivery date column (#34465)
  • Resolved: Issue where archived recipients would not be displayed in lower case (#34467)
  • Resolved: Issue where attempting to manage a domain’s products could cause all the products to become unavailable (#34529)
  • Resolved: Issue with LDAP authentication failing when the email address returned from the LDAP server had a domain, not in lower case (#34544)
  • Resolved: Minor layout issue with some text in the classification explanation on the preview log search pages (#34559)
  • Resolved: Issue with the Dashboard customize state staying enabled (#34572)
  • Improved: The ‘lost password’ link (and URL) has been renamed to ‘retrieve login’, and supports pre-filling the username (#34295)
  • Added: ‘Mailboxes Overview’ page, replacing ‘Local Recipients’ and ‘Email Address Aliases’ in preview (#31778)

In case you have items you would like to discuss in more detail, please contact support at

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