SolarWinds RMM: Weekly Features & Updates Release

We’re pleased to share the latest set of updates for SolarWinds RMM, including a new Windows RC Agent and a set of customer support bug fixes.

The release also contains an update to the “Approved IP Addresses” list under “Security Settings” in the “General Settings” area. You can now see when an IP address was added to the list, when it was last accessed, and by which user. It means you have more information with which to manage to the list of approved IP addresses, for example, you’ll be able to see which ones haven’t been used recently so you can delete them from the table. Here’s a screenshot of the update: *

approved ip address list updates

Note that “Last Access” and “Last Access By” have started to populate with data since last week, so earlier access won’t show in the table. Access data is captured for users who have IP address verification turned on for their user accounts. Users who have this security setting turned off (and are only using 2FA) will not update the table, as they aren’t passing through this particular security check.

Here are the details for this week’s update:

Summary for Service Release
– Customer support priorities and bug fixes
– Dashboard v6.52.3
– New Windows RC Agent v10.7.5

Dashboard 6.52.3
UPDATE: Add added date, last access date, and last accessed by information to the Approved IP Address table in General Settings > Security
BUGFIX: Resolved issue resulting in MSP Anywhere Take Control showing incorrectly in the “Pending” state
BUGFIX: Correct issue whereby monitoring checks would sporadically disappear from a device
BUGFIX: Correct sporadic check sync issue leading to a null value causing a check monitoring error
BUGFIX: Correct a configuration error affecting the WSUS Check

* Known Issue: The update to the “Approved IP Addresses” table is missing a couple of translations for the new texts, these will be added in an upcoming release.


Windows Agent 10.7.5 (Release Candidate)
UPDATE: Update for Backup & Recovery to improve upgrade path from older backup installations on v16.10 or below to Backup v17.9 or higher
BUGFIX: Resolve an issue with the Antivirus Update Check for ESET NOD32

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