SolarWinds Mail Assure: Weekly Features and Updates Release

We’re pleased to provide an overview of new product updates that will go live on Monday, February 19.


Front-end / GUI:

  • Resolved: Issue with ‘Clear’ button on LDAP Mailbox Sync page redirecting to Dashboard (#34421)
  • Resolved: Issue with admin being unable to transfer domain between sub-admins (#34478)
  • Resolved: Issue with default language not working for admin level (#34485)
  • Resolved: Issue with the domain input field not being automatically filled when editing the LDAP Mailbox Sync mapping (#34441)
  • Resolved: On narrow screens, the help icon could sometimes appear over the top of menus (#34452)
  • Resolved: When removing a mapping in the LDAP Mailbox Sync page, an “undefined” message would sometimes show (#34461)
  • Resolved: When configuring LDAP Mailbox Sync, the “Use TLS” setting would save as enabled if not changed (#34475)
  • Resolved: In some cases, the ‘IP Reputation check’ functionality would not display results correctly (#34477)
  • Resolved: Issue with ‘Invalid filter error’ appearing when loading a raw body of a mail (#34325)
  • Resolved: Issue with selecting some hours for periodic Email Scout Reports in some time zones (#34471)
  • Resolved: Issue with the create form resetting when encountering errors setting up an Email Scout Report (#34453)
  • Resolved: Email Scout Report subjects would fail to validate in some situations (#34454)
  • Improved: The admin level sender/recipient whitelist/blacklist tab names are now more consistent with the other tabs (#34434)
  • Improved: The LDAP Mailbox Sync page now lets domain users opt in or out of using the default mappings (#34423)
  • Improved: The LDAP Mailbox Sync page now has the configuration tab as the default, at domain level (#34444)
  • Improved: The LDAP Mailbox Sync page now validates the provided connection data before saving (#34413)
  • Improved: The “import” and “export” labels on the (preview) Temporary Log Search page are now more consistent with other pages (#34470)
  • Improved: The “import” and “export” labels on the (preview) Customise Actions pages are now more consistent with other pages ([129603])
  • Improved: The colors used in the bandwidth overview charts when using the #444444 (grey) color scheme now have more variation.
  • Improved: Email Scout Reports now behave more consistently with other settings, where all reports for a domain are visible at domain level, regardless of the user that created the report (#34417)
  • Added: Swedish language translation (#33992)

In case you have items you would like to discuss in more detail, please contact support at

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