SolarWinds RMM: Dashboard Service Release, 31st Aug

We’re pleased to confirm the latest Dashboard update, v6.45.3, is now available to customers in all territories. This week’s release includes a set of customer service bug fixes.

We’ve also started the rollout of the previously announced improvement to password management in the User Accounts section of the Dashboard. Here’s the summary of the update:

  • Administrator users are no longer required or able to type in a password on behalf of another user. Now only the individual user can know his or her password.
  • The previous ‘Set Password’ option (a text entry field) is replaced with a ‘Reset Password Now’ option, which sends the user in question a brand-neutral email with a link for the user to set their new password.
  • Similarly, when adding a new user, they’ll receive an neutrally branded email with a link to set their own password, instead of an admin person setting it.
  • The existing ‘Reset Password’ option is renamed to ‘Reset Password Next Login’.

password update 2


Use the ‘Reset Password Now’ option in the event you believe a user’s credentials have been compromised. The existing password will be invalidated, preventing future access with the same login details, while the email with the link adds an identification verification step. Actions in the Dashboard that require password validation, such as remote access sessions, will no longer work for the user in question until the new password has been set.

Use the ‘Reset Password Next Login’ if you want to apply a password recycle policy, e.g. if you require users to change their passwords every couple of months. When you select this option, the next time the user logs into the Dashboard with their existing password, they’ll be asked to set a new one. This softer password reset option does not include the email verification step and doesn’t disable the current password, so should not be used in the event of a suspected security issue.

The password management update is due to be rolled out in the next few days following this week’s Dashboard update.

Here are the release notes for today’s update…

Summary for Service Release
– Customer support priorities and bug fixes, update to password management
– Dashboard v6.45.3
– No Agent change

Dashboard v6.45.3
UPDATE: Improvements to password handling in User Accounts section
BUGFIX: Resolve issue with Microsoft AV / Antispyware check referencing the incorrect date
BUGFIX: Resolve issue which caused some Automated tasks to trigger outside of their configured schedule
BUGFIX: Resolve issue which prevented Asset Tracking Modification Report from running


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