SolarWinds RMM: Dashboard release with Windows GA and RC Agent Updates

We’re pleased to confirm that the latest Dashboard release is now rolled out to the first set of territories. This update contains a new Windows GA Agent (v10.5.15) and a new RC Agent (v10.5.16).

We encourage you to upgrade your devices to the new GA Agent at your convenience, so you can take advantage of the improvements in the latest release. We also invite you to test the latest RC Agent in your sandbox environments and to share any feedback with us in case you spot an issue.

We’d also like to remind you of the update to password management in User Accounts section, as announced a few days ago. The update is now live on circa half the Dashboard accounts and we expect to complete this update in the next few days.

Today’s release is live in the Asia-Pacific region and in selected European countries. The rest of the territories, including the US, UK, Benelux, Germany, France and the Nordic countries will follow in the next few days.

Here are the details…

Summary for Service Release
– Customer support priorities and bug fixes
– Dashboard v6.46
– Agent v10.5.15 GA, RC Agent v10.5.16

Dashboard v6.46
UPDATE: Performance improvement to the Antivirus Check – see note below

Agent v10.5.16 RC
BUGFIX: Update to Sophos in the Antivirus Check so it doesn’t fail when definitions are up to date
BUGFIX: Update to Veeam in the Backup Check so it doesn’t fail when event IDs related to upcoming license expires are triggered
BUGFIX: Update to custom branding image layout so the Agent version does not obscure the logos
BUGFIX: Removal of defunct ‘Create Network Installer’ option from File dropdown menu (use option in Dashboard instead)

This release includes a backend improvement to the Antivirus Check. This is not a customer-facing update, however note that legacy ‘Norman’ and ‘CA’ products no longer show version information in the ‘More Information’ dialog of the check, as this information is no longer available. 

Agent 10.5.15 GA

Agent 10.5.15 includes all the updates since the current production Agent v10.5.13:

Agent v10.5.15 RC
BUGFIX: Fix Take Control TeamViewer issue causing a black screen when connecting to Windows Vista or Server 2008 devices

Agent v10.5.14 RC
UPDATE: Added support for Veritas System Recovery 16 to Backup Check
BUGFIX: Resolve issue with Symantec System Recovery 2013 to Backup Check
BUGFIX: Resolve issue where event log check was unable to parse special characters

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