Announcing MSP Manager Integration With MSP Remote Monitoring & Management: A True Single-Pane-of-Glass Experience

Over the last several months, Development has been working hard to make our Professional Services Automation (PSA) offering, MSP Manager, simpler, more powerful, great when you’re on the go, and now fully integrated with SolarWinds® Remote Monitoring & Management (RMM). Today, we are happy to announce MSP Manager integrated with RMM availability as a Release Candidate.

For those who are not familiar, a public release candidate (RC) is the final stage in our product introduction lifecycle. We are still in active development during this phase, but have implemented all features required for a good experience, and we have seen success in our early beta tests.

This new integration between MSP Manager and SolarWinds RMM introduces a compelling single-pane-of-glass experience between our cloud-based RMM and PSA solutions. New features include:

  • Easy five-step onboarding
  • Automatically synchronize assets, customers, and users (no more complex entity mapping)
  • Automatically or manually generate tickets from any outage
  • Update tickets right from the RMM
  • Remotely take control right from the ticket
  • Automatically bill customers based on device count
  • Create new service item programs for easy standardization of business packages

Easy FiveStep Onboarding

Both PSA and RMM systems are data-rich. While this is generally helpful, all that data can feel like a burden when you’re setting up your PSA system.

  • With our new integration, you can easily import all of your users, customers, servers, and workstations in our five-step wizard.
  • Set up your business programs and propagate them to your customers in bulk. Setting up customer contracts has never been quicker or easier. Have custom one-off situations? No problem—you can edit and control contracts at the customer or MSP company level.

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Automatic Synchronization of Assets

Stay in “sync” with MSP Manager and SolarWinds RMM.

  • Create any new user, customer, site, or asset in RMM and it will automatically appear in MSPManager
  • Create any new user, customer, or site in MSP Manager, and it will automatically appear in SolarWinds RMM
  • No complex entity mappings
  • Changes are always propagated to help ensure your information is available and up to date

Asset Sync


Automatically or Manually Generate Tickets from Any Outage

When an important monitoring Alert is generated, the first action is often generating or updating of a ticket. With a combined SolarWinds RMM + MSP Manager solution, you can now:

  • Automatically generate tickets for both servers and workstations
  • Manually generate a ticket based on any outage in SolarWinds RMM
  • Update tickets directly from the RMM system
  • Use flexible routing rules to avoid excessive noise and prioritize important issues

Create Ticket


Take Control Right from the Ticket

To make resolving issues even easier, our new integration grants you remote access into your customer systems with the click of a button. Access the end device right from the ticket or asset using the Take Control feature powered by MSP Anywhere.

Take Control


Automatically Bill Customers Based on Device Count

Automate your flat fee service billing to help ensure you are not shortchanging yourself or your customer. In MSP Manager, you can now can base your quantity billed on the number of assets of a given class.



How to integrate MSP Manager™ with SolarWinds® RMM

To get started using the integration follow these 4 easy steps:

  1. Log into your SolarWinds® RMM Dashboard
  2. Click on Settings -> PSA Integration -> Setup
  3. Select MSP Manager from the list, click Next
  4. Click Finish

You will now be taken to the MSP Manager Integration Out of Box wizard. This will allow you to setup your new product. If you already have an MSP Manager instance you must authenticate with the existing MSP Manager Owner account in order to join the two systems.

For any questions or concerns please contact support and we will be more than happy to help you.

Known Issues and Caveats

Using a release candidate feature is a great way to get early access to exciting new features and functionality for FREE! In return, we ask that you report issues you experience while using the release candidate. We do not expect many critical bugs / issues, as these are normally found during the beta programhowever, we do expect that some issues will have fallen through the cracks. Please report any and all problems, usability issues, crashes, or features that just don’t solve your problem, and we will be more than happy to listen.

As mentioned, we are still in active development and thus some items are not complete. The following items are known issues or in-progress items:

  1. SolarWinds® RMM only supports a single PSA integration, as such you must turn off any existing PSA integrations before integrating with MSP Manager.
  2. Edits to Service Plans after initial deployment will only propagate some of their settings to child service items.
    1. The following settings will currently propagate edits: Name, Description, Status, Unit Cost, Bill by Asset Class, Invoice Options, Default Rate, Additional Rates.
    2. All other settings changes will not propagate and will need to be changed at the customer level if edits are needed.
    3. As such, we HIGHLY recommend that you are careful when creating service plans and only create plans that you are sure about until this workflow is complete. Creating excessive service plans could result in large amounts of manual work in the future.
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