MSP RMM: Dashboard Service Release, 18th Aug

We’re pleased to confirm the latest Dashboard update, v6.45.1, is now available to customers in all territories. This week’s release includes a set of customer service bug fixes.

We also want to draw your attention to a password management update that we first highlighted a little over a week ago towards the end of this release post: From today, end-client user accounts that are created in the Edit Client dialog, will receive an email with a link they click to set their password and complete the sign up process. This replaces the previous practice whereby the administrator user would set a password on behalf of the new user. 

Note however, that creating an end-client user account from the Edit Client dialog is a legacy feature that’s been superseded by Roles & Permissions. We encourage you to create end-client logins from the main ‘User Accounts’ dialog using the ‘Client’ system role instead.

We’re also working on a similar update to password management within the main User Accounts dialog, as highlighted previously – we’ll let you know you when that security enhancement goes live in the next few weeks.

Summary for Service Release
– Customer support priorities and bug fixes, update to password management
– Dashboard v6.45.1
– No Agent change

Dashboard v6.45.1
UPDATE: ‘Client view-only’ passwords now set by end user directly via email with link
BUGFIX: Resolve issue with Agent upload processing
BUGFIX: Resolve issue where List_failing_checks did not yield results
BUGFIX: Resolve issue which prevented Backup & Recover console User Interface password being set from the Dashboard
BUGFIX: Update to Wall Chart to ensure it shows all failing servers and doesn’t understate the number

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