MSP RMM Service Release: MSP Anywhere Take Control Enhancements, New RC Agent

This week, we have the pleasure of announcing the latest update to MSP Anywhere Take Control with a great set of feature enhancements. We also have an update to the Windows RC Agent, and a security related improvement to password management.

The MSP Anywhere Take Control update is split into two parts: the Viewer, and the Agent. We plan to begin the roll out of the new viewer shortly, followed by the new agent, which updates automatically on the end-point devices.

In this release, we’re focusing on feature enhancements based on the feedback we’ve received from many of our customers, as we continue to take advantage of the fact we’re advancing our own remote access solution and can respond to your suggestions. We appreciate all the feedback we’ve received, please keep it coming!

Here’s what’s included in this release:

MSP Anywhere Take Control, v6.80.17:

  • Custom File location for session recording, so that when you select to record your sessions, you can store them in a location specified by yourself
  • Dynamic multi-monitor support (one of the most requested customer features): if the client is using multiple monitors, dynamically updating tiles displayed so it’s much easier to select the one you want ​
  • Moved the monitor selector to the top bar in the UI ​to make it easier to identify which screen you want to control
  • We’ve added “Quick Tips” to the top bar in the viewer UI to details on various convenient keyboard shortcuts
  • Another enhancement to clipboard behaviour (copy paste): select how the shared clipboard should perform / behave​.
  • Chat sessions now default to minimized window (introduced in 6.80.16) ​
  • High DPI / 4K detection: Clients using ultra-high resolution monitors can now enjoy MSP Anywhere in full 4K resolution

We’ve included a few screenshots to let you see some of what we’re releasing

The file location menu can be accessed via the Interactions menu:


Further to this, you’ll find the enhanced clipboard functionality within the Interactions menu:


Note that this feature is fully configurable per session.

In terms of the chat, this now defaults to our newest experience:


Lastly, one of our most common enhancement requests is about monitor selection in multi-monitor environments.
As you can see here, we’ve copied the monitor selector to the top and when selected, the tiles dynamically update to show the monitor contents so that users know which monitor they need to select:



After your viewer has updated, when you launch the next Take Control session, you’ll see a prompt inviting you to go through the available keyboard shortcuts, to help you take advantage of these useful options. But please you can cancel this if not convenient and it will not impact the remote session in any way.

Please note that we’re in the final stages of our next MacOS update and we’ll have a follow up post once this is available.


Password Management Update

We’ll be rolling out a security related update to the so-called ‘Client view-only’ Dashboard logins. This option, available under ‘Dashboard Access’ on the ‘Edit Client’ dialog, allows you to create logins for end-client users. Please note however, that this is a legacy feature that was superseded by Roles & Permissions, and we encourage you to create end-client logins from the main ‘User Accounts’ dialog using the ‘Client’ system role, instead of using the old ‘Client view-only’ option.

The security update to the ‘Client view-only’ login option replaces the current text field for setting a password, which the MSP does on behalf of the client user, with a ‘Set Password’ button. The new button will send a generic and unbranded email to the client user, asking them to click a link and set their own password to complete the sign-up process. The same button can also be used to reset an existing password if required. This security update means a user doesn’t have to know another user’s password in order to give them access.

Note that this security update will be deployed on its own schedule over the coming days, separate to the main Dashboard v6.45 release.


Windows Agent v10.5.15 RC

This week’s release also includes an update to the Windows RC agent, with a bugfix for Take Control TeamViewer to address a black screen issue when connecting to Server 2008 or Windows Vista devices.


Release Schedule

Dashboard v6.45 and Agent v10.5.15 RC are now live in the Asia Pacific region and in selected European territories. The rest of the territories, including the US, UK, Benelux, Germany, France and the Nordic countries will follow in the next few days.

The MSP Anywhere Take Control update will commence with the Viewer component to all territories in the next day. We plan to release the Agent component to all territories by end of the week.

The password management update will roll out gradually to customers across territories in the days ahead.


Summary for Service Release

– MSP Anywhere Take Control viewer and agent update, password management update, new Windows RC Agent
– Dashboard v6.45
– Windows Agent v10.5.15 RC

Dashboard v6.45
UPDATE: MSP Anywhere Take Control updated to v6.80.17

Windows Agent v10.5.15 RC
BUGFIX: Fix Take Control TeamViewer issue causing a black screen when connecting to Windows Vista or Server 2008 devices


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