MSP RMM Service Release: MSP Anywhere Take Control Enhancements, New RC Agent: Completed

We’re very pleased to confirm that the Dashboard and Agent release referred to in our earlier post is now complete and available to all customers world wide. Here are the summary details of this week’s update…

Summary for Service Release

– MSP Anywhere Take Control viewer and agent update, password management update, new Windows RC Agent
– Dashboard v6.45
– Windows Agent v10.5.15 RC

Dashboard v6.45
UPDATE: MSP Anywhere Take Control updated to v6.80.17

Windows Agent v10.5.15 RC
BUGFIX: Fix Take Control TeamViewer issue causing a black screen when connecting to Windows Vista or Server 2008 devices

Note: The MSP Anywhere Take Control viewer and agent updates are applied automatically the next time the device checks into the Dashboard.

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