MSP RMM Service Release, Agent 10.5.10 GA, April 11th – Completed

We’re pleased to confirm Dashboard v6.39.3 has rolled out to the US/Americas region and is now available in all territories. The update contains a set of customer service priorities and bug fixes.

In addition, we’re making a new Release Candidate (RC) Agent available, RC v10.5.12, and are promoting Agent v10.5.10 to be the new Generally Available (GA) Agent. Please update your Windows servers and workstations to the new GA Agent as soon as convenient, so you can take advantage of the many feature enhancements and bug fixes that are included in the latest upgrade – please see release notes below for details.

Here’s the summary of today’s update…

Summary for Service Release
– Customer service priorities
– Dashboard v6.39.3
– Windows Agent v10.5.10 GA, Agent v10.5.12 RC

Dashboard v6.39.3
UPDATE: Dashboard session time-out to close Dashboard sessions on browser tab close
UPDATE: User email verification and user audit report logging for new networks
BUGFIX: Improvement to Patch Management vulnerabilities scan for less powerful PCs
BUGFIX: Update to Backup & Recovery to only show last 28 days of backups on Backup tab in south pane

Agent v10.5.12 RC
BUGFIX: Add support for Bitdefender 6.2 to Bitdefender Endpoint Security in the Antivirus Update Check (applies to standalone version of Bitdefender, separate from Managed Antivirus)
BUGFIX: Resolve issue with Cloudberry Managed Backup in the Backup Check to ensure it can report on the backup status correctly
BUGFIX: Add support for StorageCraft ShadowProtect SPX 6.5 to the Backup Check
BUGFIX: Ensure the Microsoft Windows 7 Backup option in the Backup Checks can detect the backup status correctly on Windows 7 devices 

Agent v10.5.10 GA
Agent 10.5.10 includes all the updates since the current production Agent v10.5.6:

Agent v10.5.10 RC
UPDATE: Add support for Acronis v11.7 and v12 to the Backup Check
UPDATE: Add support for Microsoft Windows Backup for Server 2016 devices in the Backup Check
BUGFIX: Correct issue causing the Advanced Monitoring Agent to crash during Patch Remediation under certain conditions

Agent v10.5.9 RC
BUGFIX: Correct issue with the Event Log Check when querying for events on non-English endpoint devices

Agent v10.5.8 RC
UPDATE: Set a schedule for Patch Management’s Vulnerability Scan

Agent 10.5.7 RC
UPDATE: Upgrade Take Control to latest TeamViewer 12 Agent
BUGFIX: Resolve issue which can cause Agent to hang during software update
BUGFIX: Resolve issue with agent component which resulted in performance degradation

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