UPDATE: MSP Backup & Recovery: ISP issue impacting backup connectivity: US West Coast

UPDATE: I would like to report that the connectivity issues appear to be resolved for the majority of the impacted devices. This has been an Extremely High Priority issue for us and our technicians have been working around the clock with our ISP providers and regional providers to address this issue.  We will continue to investigate the root cause behind this issue and to monitor the storage nodes and impacted devices to ensure operations return to normal.

Missed backup jobs should start automatically once connectivity is regained.  If you continue to see connectivity or missed backups please restart the Backup Service Controller service and attempt to manually start a backup job. If this does not address your issue then please register or update an existing case via our support portal.  If you are dealing with a down system or the backup or recovery situation is critical please contact support directly via phone.  Note, that we are experiencing a higher than normal volume of support calls and you may experience increased hold times.

Thank you all for your continued patronage and your patience while dealing with this issue.

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