MSP RMM Service Release, March 24th – COMPLETED

We’re pleased to confirm that Dashboard v6.39.1 and RC Agent v10.5.11 are now available in the Americas region as well, completing the rollout of this week’s Dashboard release to all territories.

Here are the release notes…

Summary for Service Release
– Customer service priorities
– Dashboard v6.39.1
– Windows Agent v10.5.11 RC, no change to the GA Agent

Dashboard v6.39.1
BUGFIX: Ensure the Bandwidth Monitoring Check graphs shows correct values in French language dashboards
BUGFIX: Correct issue with the Remote Worker site installation package
BUGFIX: Ensure the XML Data Dump report in Asset Tracking includes the list of installed software
BUGFIX: Ensure Managed Antivirus (Bitdefender) shows correct data in the Executive Summary Report

Agent v10.5.11 RC (Windows)
UPDATE: Add support for Symantec Endpoint Protection v14 to the Antivirus Update Check
UPDATE: Add support for Kaspersky Security 10 to the Antivirus Update Check
BUGFIX: Update the Event Log Check to better handle special characters in the lookup string
BUGFIX: Update the SNMP Check so that when run in batches it handles ‘variable does not exist’ errors correctly
BUGFIX: Update to ‘fmplugin’ executable to avoid it crashing in certain circumstance
BUGFIX: Update Veeam Backup 8 in Backup Check to correctly report local device failure states
BUGFIX: Update Monitoring Templates to avoid Script Checks running before they’re downloaded and installed

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