Coming soon to MSP RMM: Performance & Feature Enhancements for MSP Anywhere Take Control

We’re very excited to introduce the latest set of MSP Anywhere updates for Take Control. In the upcoming release, we’ll be upgrading  both the MacOS agent as well as the Windows Agent and Viewer. These updates introduce a variety of new features and performance enhancements.

We expect to release the update in the next few days. To take full advantage, please download the update for the MSP Anywhere viewer when prompted. The Agent update involves an automatic restart of the MSP Anywhere service on endpoint devices, but this will have no noticeable impact on users or Take Control sessions.

Here are all the details:

MacOS Updates
The new MacOS MSP Anywhere agent v5.98.77 introduces the following enhancements for Take Control onto Mac devices:

  • P2P TCP connections on LAN (10-20 times faster on LAN if P2P is attained)
  • Support for True Color (24bit color depth ), the same as for Windows
  • Support for lossy color modes (JPEG)
  • Performance enhancements that improve speed and reduce CPU
  • General stability improvements

Windows Updates
For the Windows Viewer & Agent upgrade, we’re delighted to let you know that the update to version 6.80.07 brings the following enhancements:

  • Keyboard Mapping, available from the ‘Footer Menu > Interactions’ as a BETA feature
  • Temporary Adjustment of the remote resolution during the course of a session, available from the ‘Footer Menu > View’
  • Enhancements to the end-user notification when a session is occurring
  • Enhanced SSL library handing
  • Correction of a bug in the viewer when displaying the number of TS sessions
  • Better handling of the P2P negotiation at the Viewer

We look forward to releasing this update to you shortly. We’ll confirm in a new Status post when the update becomes available in each territory.

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