MSP RMM Systems Update: Rolling Out New Load-Balancers – IMPORTANT

Further to our previous posts, this is an important reminder that we’re in the process of rolling out new load-balancers for the agent upload endpoints in the Remote Monitoring & Management product. In the German region, we are also moving the main Dashboard URL to the new load-balancer.

Our logs indicate a small number of devices are not yet communicating over the new IP addresses. It’s possible that if you don’t update your firewall, you may lose connectivity to a device.

The IP addresses of the new load-balancers are listed below per territory. If you have a restrictive firewall configuration, and need to explicitly authorize outbound traffic going from the agents to the agent endpoints, then please make sure the relevant IP address for your territory is added to your firewall whitelist.

You may need to update firewalls at your clients if they are restricted, in order for end-point devices to communicate with the Dashboard.

If you manage Linux devices with RMM agents, then we recommend you restart the agent to ensure it refreshes its cache with the new load-balancer IP addresses.

Here’s the list of IP addresses for each territory:





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