Coming soon in MAX RM… New Product Navigator with Single-Sign-On

New Single Sign-On and Product Navigator streamline switching between products.

We’re dedicated to making improvements that continue to simplify things for you. Today, we’re announcing two upcoming features that will help with just that: Single-Sign-On (SSO) and the new Product Navigator.

With SSO, you’ll be able to log in once to gain access to your MAX Remote Management Dashboard, LOGICcards and MAX Risk Intelligence, with more products to be integrated soon. SSO is built on the leading industry standard for cross-platform authentication, and all Dashboard logins will go over HTTPS using the new protocol.

The new Navigator bar introduces a dropdown menu to let you switch between MAX products from within a single interface for a more seamless experience. Here’s a screenshot to show you how the Navigator looks in the Dashboard:

navigator - blue bar

For clients with custom branding, the new features come with one change which is important for you to note: your logo in the upper left corner of the dashboard will have a new maximum size of 40 pixels high, and it will appear on a white background. We’ll automatically re-size any larger logos, but you are welcome to send us a new one if you want. Note that logos used in Client Reports are not affected by this update and stay at their current size.

Here’s how the Dashboard looks for those with custom branding:

navigator - white bar


We’ll be releasing the new Navigator and Single-Sign-On out over the next few weeks in a phased rollout across the Dashboard territories.

Please contact your account manager if you’d like to provide us with an updated logo to better suit the new size or white background of the Navigator.


New RC Agent 
In addition to the new Navigator, we also have an RC Agent update going out (v10.3.3). The new agent adds support for ‘Arcserve UDP v6’ to the Backup Check and ‘Kaspersky Endpoint Security v10’ to the Antivirus Check. It also improves how the system handles a reboot requirement in the event a machine needs to restart in order to complete a .NET upgrade – if this is the case, the reboot is suppressed and the user will be notified through the Dashboard instead.


Staging Release Notes…
The full staging release notes are below. Note that staging release notes are subject to change, final release notes will go out with the release.

Summary for Service Release
– New Navigator bar with SSO (phased rollout), customer service priorities, RC Agent
– Dashboard v6.23
– New RC Agent v10.3.3, no change to GA Agent

Dashboard v6.23
FEATURE: New Navigator based on Single-Sign-On with product switcher (phased rollout)
UPDATE: New maximum size for custom logos (40×600 pixels) and a white background as part of Navigator
UPDATE: Show more clearly on the Edit Device dialog for Windows XP and Server 2003 devices that they cannot upgrade passed GA Agent v9.13.8

Agent v10.3.3 RC
UPDATE: Show in the Dashboard if device requires reboot upon installing Monitoring Agent in order to complete update to .NET Framework, and suppress automatic reboots
UPDATE: Add support for CA Arcserve UDP v6 to Backup Check
UPDATE: Add support for Kaspersky Endpoint Security 10 to Antivirus Check
BUGFIX: Ensure the Critical Events exclusions list correctly excludes all listed events from the Critical Events Check
BUGFIX: Ensure the Performance Monitoring Check looks at history of data instead of most recent snapshot

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