MAX Service Desk 2.7.1 Release

We are are pleased to announce the release of MAX Service Desk 2.7.1, which is currently rolling out across all installations and will be available to all customers by Thursday 23rd June. The release includes the following:

New Features

  • Contract enhancements
    • Allow Block hours to be rolled over at the end of a contract period
    • Contract auto-topup enabled when threshold is zero – previously, a manual topup was required
    • New popup to confirm contract deactivation
    • Contract status page now lists notification recipients
    • Contract editing UI improvement
  • The following reports can now be scheduled
    • Ticket Closure, SLA Breach Report, Tickets by Asset
    • Tickets by Customer, Opportunities Report, Staff agent Activity
  • Tickets on invoice page can be viewed/edited, data is refreshed on return to invoice  page
  • Confirmation popup on ticket closure can be enabled via an optional Installation setting
  • Add ‘SD Notes’ field to Customer Assets report

Bugs Fixed

  • Allow Service items to be deleted when creating a contract
  • Double spacing of ticket text from emails fixed
  • Duplicated text in responses issue fixed
  • Missing search results issue resolved
  • Reports include report period in filename (also included within PDF reports)
  • Timezone added for South Africa
  • Dutch language translation fix for ‘Create ticket’
  • Twitter mentions now detected when not at beginning of message
  • Greek email encoding detection improved
  • Ticket response double spacing issue fixed
  • Ticket rules now apply on status updates
  • Deleted assets sites and assets no longer visible from ticket
  • Twilio voice selection updated – including missing French male voice issue
  • Mail CC: detection improvements
  • Customer domain detection for incoming emails fixed
  • New ‘Starred’ default ticket view
  • Password reset email failing to send issue resolved
  • Landscape mode added for reports
  • Page refresh rate now correctly set when saved view is selected
  • Lithuanian encoding fix for ticket ‘Subject:’
  • Take Control activations no longer incorrectly appear in MAXfocus Audit log
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