Announcing the arrival of LOGICcards – Real-time actionable insights delivered directly to your Dashboard

We’re excited to announce the arrival of LOGICcards, the world’s first RMM notification system driven by machine learning. It’s specifically designed to give MSPs and IT professionals a competitive edge, by using prescriptive analytics to quickly identify and highlight issues, spot security concerns, alert you about revenue opportunities such as systems upgrades, and much more.

By combining the experience of the world’s largest community of MSPs – over 12,000 across the globe – LOGICcards embeds Big Data analytics at the heart of your Dashboard experience. Machine learning ensures that the information that is delivered is optimised over time to reflect the business environment and areas of interest of each MSP individually.

After an extensive preview period, we’ll be turning LOGICcards on for your Dashboard on October 1, so you too can start to take advantage. As one of our customers put it, “It’s like having an extra data analyst working 24/7 on your customer networks”.

Here’s how it works…

  1. From October 1 you’ll see a little LOGICcards icon top right on the Dashboard (1). The first time you click this you will be asked to sign into LOGICcards – simply enter your regular Dashboard username and password.logiccards 1
  1. Now you’re logged in, click the icon to bring up the list of current ‘cards’. These are generated automatically in response to your Dashboard settings, assets, machines and users (2).logiccards 2
  1. Click on a particular card for more info and potential next steps. From there you can assign, snooze or dismiss a card, depending on your preference at this point. In order to assign a LOGICcard you need to have ServiceDesk installed.logiccards 3

Over time, notification types that you interact with more will be shown more often, while those in which you’ve shown little interest will automatically filter out. No configuration is needed for your part, the feature learns on its own.


Which cards are available?

  • Security cards, which notify of risky events, software, and configurations based on analytics across millions of devices.
  • Industry intelligence, which give real-time insight into actual practices and compliance measures among the most successful IT admins in the industry.
  • Highly personalized tips for better using the RM Dashboard. These are based on a combination of analytics conducted among our community of tens of thousands of IT admins as well as top research in the industry.
  • Integration with other products, which enable notifications of new devices in your network via Active Discovery (coming soon), Service Desk SLA breach warnings and new ticket notifications, updates on RM support tickets, and more – all in one place where you can simultaneously see all the most important updates from across your business.
  • And many more – LOGICcards will continually evolve to include new cards and new content within cards.


To find out more…
You can read the press release on our website, and here’s a link to a short YouTube video.


Help us design the future…
Your ideas drive our business. Join fellow MSPs in recommending our next set of LOGICcards by submitting ideas for future cards and features in the LOGICcard section of the Ideas Website. Thanks for all the positive feedback you’ve shared with us so far.


The Team @ LOGICnow


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