MAX RM – New RC Agent v9.12.1 is now available

Further to the release note last week, the latest Release Candidate Agent v9.12.1 is ready to go. We’re making this available for download over the course of today, October 1st. Depending on your location, it might not be available until the end of the working day.

This RC agent adds support for the improved Agent check-in process following a device reboot – click here for more info on this much-requested enhancement and its benefits. This update also contains a few bug fixes and customer support priorities.

Below are the release notes for this update. Agent v9.10.2 stays as the GA Agent. We’re aiming to promote RC Agent v9.12.1 to GA as soon as we can give it a clean bill of health.

Agent v9.12.1 RC

UPDATE: Faster Agent check-in after servers and workstations start up
BUGFIX: Ensure a Monitoring Template with tasks applies the tasks on devices that have not previously had tasks on them
BUGFIX: Ensure all Take Control sessions display the computer name
BUGFIX: Ensure Windows Backup is correctly detected in the Backup Check for Server 2008 and Windows Vista machines
BUGFIX: Ensure the Failed Login Check shows the event info correctly on the More Information dialog

In addition, there’s an update to Active Discovery (not RC Agent dependent):
BUGFIX:  Ensure older log files are correctly purged for Active Discovery

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