MAX RM – Bitdefender engine upgrade 24th August

We have a new Bitdefender engine that we wish to roll out to the Bitdefender-powered Managed Antivirus service. This update will download automatically on current Release Candidate (RC) installs of Bitdefender MAV. We’re planning to push this update around 15:00 GMT on Monday 24 August.

This new engine is identical to our current build with one exception:

BUGFIX: Bitdefender engine version corrects an issue where machines could lose their communication to the Bitdefender engine after upgrading to Windows 10. Uninstalling and reinstalling on Windows 10 will correct this issue. However, build will prevent this issue from occurring in the future as machines upgrade to Windows 10.

In this instance, the Bitdefender engine update will not require a reboot of the endpoint device, as long as you are upgrading from engine (released 29 July). If your Bitdefender machine has not yet rebooted since that time or has been offline, you may still be running This version did require a reboot to go to You can set the desired reboot behaviour within the Bitdefender MAV policy. See more information about the previous update here:

Please note the following points:
– The new Bitdefender build will be released on Monday 24th August at approximately 3pm GMT. All current RC installs using Bitdefender MAV will download and apply this update as they perform their regular check for updates.

– This update does not require a reboot (unless you are still at . This is for all MAX RM machines with Bitdefender MAV currently installed, not just Windows 10 machines.

– The MAX RM reboot flag will be respected, which you can set in the Bitdefender MAV policy, under Installation Settings. If the option to automatically reboot a device is turned off, the reboot requirement will be reported up to the MAX dashboard.

– The current Bitdefender build is The update will be posted with

– Any new installs of MAV (done after the updated Bitdefender build is posted) will automatically pull down the latest build and will not need any reboot. (NOTE: This is only referring to fresh installs – machines migrating from VIPRE to Bitdefender do still require a reboot due to the uninstall of VIPRE).

– NOTE:  Our 26th August release will change the automatic reboot flag from 1 minute to 5 minutes based on user feedback. We will add a customizable timer and message at a later time.

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