Coming Soon: MAX RM v6.1.1 – Service Release

Following our recent run of major feature releases, we’re pleased to let you know that we have a more modest, routine Service Release lined up for our next update.

We’re especially delighted with progress so far of the new Bitdefender-powered Managed Antivirus service – this release gives us the opportunity to consolidate and share a set of MAV updates as we progress through the Release Candidates (RC) phase. Please keep the feedback coming so we can move the much-enhanced MAV service to General Availability (GA) as soon as possible.

Staging Release Notes
Please note that staging release notes are subject to change. Final release notes will go out with the release.

Summary for Service Release

  • Service release focused on performance improvements and bug fixes
  • Dashboard v6.1.1
  • No Agent update

Dashboard v6.1.1
UPDATE: Make the MAV install status clearer when hovering over the icons in the North Pane
UPDATE: Provide an warning message when rolling out Bitdefender MAV via the MAV Settings dialog that the action will uninstall Vipre MAV
BUGFIX: Update the MAV BD check to show the last run date in local time instead of UTC time
BUGFIX: Map the help link for MAV on the endpoint to help doc online
BUGFIX: Resolve MAV Exclusions not allowing special characters ()%
BUGFIX: Correct a tooltip text for MAV policy padlock icons
BUGFIX: UI translation corrections for MAV
BUGFIX: Ensure view changes to the Outage and Recovery Alert columns in the South Pane persist between Dashboard sessions
BUGFIX: Ensure the Auto-Mapping feature in PSA Entity Mappings processes successfully
BUGFIX: Resolve Device Inventory Icon display issues
BUGFIX: Resolve a timestamp recording issue for Overdue Servers

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