MAX RM – Bitdefender engine upgrade for Windows 10, reboot required

We received notification that Bitdefender has a new certified version for Windows 10 that we wish to roll out to the Bitdefender-powered Managed Antivirus service. This update will download automatically on current Release Candidate (RC) installs of Bitdefender MAV. We’re planning to push this update around 15:00 GMT on Thursday 30 July.

In this instance, the Bitdefender engine update will require a reboot of the end-point device, irrespective of its operating system. While Bitdefender engine updates will not normally require a reboot, this particular one does because of the release of Windows 10, and we want to ensure customers are aware. You can set the desired reboot behaviour within the Bitdefender MAV policy.

Please note the following points:

–          The new Bitdefender build will be released on Thursday 30th July at approximately 3pm GMT. All current RC installs using Bitdefender MAV will download and apply this update as they perform their regular check for updates.

–          This update REQUIRES A REBOOT.  This is for all MAX RM machines with Bitdefender MAV currently installed, not just Windows 10 machines.

–          The MAX RM reboot flag will be respected, which you can set in the Bitdefender MAV policy, under Installation Setting. If the option to automatically reboot a device is turned off, the reboot requirement will be reported up to the MAX dashboard.

–          The current Bitdefender build is  The update will be posted with

–          Any new installs of MAV (done after the updated Bitdefender build is posted) will automatically pull down the latest build. A fresh install with the new Bitdefender build will not require a reboot (NOTE:  This is only referring to fresh installs – machines migrating from VIPRE to Bitdefender do still require a reboot due to the uninstall of VIPRE).

–          Any machines that upgrade or install Windows 10 before the certified build is posted will need to perform a reinstall of MAV utilizing the certified version. We have heard this to be the case with any AV software and Windows 10, though we can only confirm what we have heard from Bitdefender specifically.

–          The least disruptive option if you are running MAV RC on a pre-release copy of Windows 10 is to delay upgrading to the production release until we post the certified version on Thursday.


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