Release Take Control Windows Agent 7.50.02

We are very pleased to announce the new version of the Take Control Windows Agent 7.50.02 including pinpointed features and fixes.

Fixes and Improvements:

FEATURE: support for “Windows Authentication” with AzureAD credentials but it will require a Viewer 7.50.02. The credentials need to be entered in this format AzureAD\ or AAD\

FIX: In some situations (especially after multiple TC sessions ocurring without a restart of the remote device), the TC Agent could become corrupted and exhibit random behavior, like taking too long to connect, having multiple disconnections or displaying a message warning the remote user that a previous session was still occurring. The only way to fix this for a while was to restart the computer or the TC Agent Service (after some time, it could happen again). The root cause for this corruption was found and impacted Agents will no longer have these issues. 

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