Third-Party Patch Engine 2.10.1 GA

A new version of our Third Party Patch Engine is scheduled to be released within the next 24 hours.

This version is a smaller release that resolves a number of issues including the following 2 customer raised issues.

PMCM-4663 – “[PME007] Third party patch scan took longer than 20 minutes and was canceled. “

The fix for this required an improvement to how we scan the registry to look for installed application versions which are used to determine whether we have a new version available for you to approve and install. An issue may have occurred within the scan which would cause us to get stuck in a loop, it could be environmental, for example, where the registry was locked out at the point of a scan, a corrupt key was present, etc, or because we have a much larger count of applications to now check for.

PMCM-4794 – VMware Horizon Client failed with error: Error is not defined by MSIEXEC

This particular issue is solved by changing the behavior of how to detect it. This software is a special case as it creates registry keys for both 32 and 64 causing tpp to get inaccurate detections of which version should be installed.

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