Announcing Cove version 23.7

We’re pleased to announce the availability of Cove Data Protection version 23.7, bringing further improved performance in backup and recovery of Microsoft 365 data, a new user actions log, and enhancements to the Cove Continuity features.

Microsoft 365 backup performance
As part of our ongoing performance enhancement, a new delta backup accelerator has been enabled for all users, bringing up to ten times faster OneDrive backup performance.

User Actions Log and other UI enhancements
A new user actions log in the management console makes it easier to see exactly who did what, and when.

The log includes information about device deletions, customer management, user management actions, and more. With this new functionality, you will be able to conduct audits of user actions in the system, identify the root causes of problems, and prevent incorrect use of the system.

Also this month we’re retiring the classic dashboard UI, replacing it with the version introduced in May. The new UI reflects months of usability testing and customer feedback, and we hope it will make your day-to-day work easier and more efficient.

Cove Continuity

  • We’ve added the ability to configure the type of data disk(s) (Standard HDD, Premium SSD, Ultra Disk, etc.) for the target Azure VM at the “Azure VM settings” step in both the “Restore to Azure” and “Standby Image (Azure)” wizards. You can expedite the restore process by choosing SSD. Previously, the default was set to Standard HDD.
  • For the “Restore to Azure” feature, we’ve introduced an extra check for vCPU quotas at the “Azure VM settings” step of both “Restore to Azure” and “Standby Image (Azure)” wizards. If the vCPU quota is exceeded, we will not allow progression to the next step and will provide instructions on how to increase your Azure subscription’s vCPU quota.
  • We’ve enhanced the “Restore to Azure” feature to support tenants with duplicate subscription names.
  • From a UX perspective, we’ve implemented a confirmation message when you attempt to exit any Continuity wizard by clicking outside the window. This additional step aims to prevent accidental closure of the wizard.
  • Restore reliability improvements:
    • “Failed to map virtual path” issue: We have now improved our software’s capability to restore devices with more than 15 disks. We’ve also ensured correct restoration when a disk has a letter assigned by diskpart.
    • “Invalid partition table” error: We have addressed the issue of GPT disk sector mismatches. This includes enhancements in logging and fixes for certain scenarios.
    • “Unable to create link” error: We’ve improved the handling of certain symlinks that required higher privileges for restoration.
    • “Operation was aborted” error: We’ve implemented improvements in HTTP Range detection and boot detection to avoid abrupt operation terminations.

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