MSP Manager Archived Tickets Improvements and more

We are pleased to share some updates recently introduced in MSP Manager which will help in-product performance as well as reducing friction when adding contacts in your MSPM company. Archive Tickets improvements and support for contact emails in multiple MSPM companies are the answers.

Archived Tickets Improvements

If you have a large number of unbilled tickets in MSP Manager, as that number grows, you may begin noticing some performance issues while working in tickets. This will be more evident as the number of technicians working in MSPM increases.

The solution to these performance issues is to archive tickets, which removes them from the active working-set of tickets. Based on partner feedback, we have added several improvements to make archived tickets more usable.

  • Automatic Ticket Archiving
  • Full Text Searching in Archived Tickets
  • Ticket Viewer for Archive Tickets
  • Filtering Archived Tickets by Customer

Automatic Archiving

You can now configure settings to automatically archive tickets for Completed or Billed tickets. You can find these options in Settings > Tickets & Workflows > Ticket Preferences.

Full Text Search in Archived Tickets

It is now easier to search in Archive Tickets to find information in previous cases. Typing in the Search field in the Archive Ticket list will find the entered text in the visible fields in the list until you hit Enter or the magnifying glass icon 🔍. This triggers Full Text Search, which will search through all ticket fields, including Description, Time Entries, Responses, etc. and returns all matching tickets.

Ticket Viewer

From the Archive Tickets List you can open the Ticket Viewer to see all of the details of each ticket. Click on the ellipsis and choose View. The Ticket Viewer will allow you to see all details of the ticket. You are also able to select and copy the text in Ticket Details and each Activity.

Filter Archived Tickets by Customer

To make it easier to filter your Archive Tickets, we have added a Customer List Widget to the Archived Tickets tab in the Helpdesk Template. Select any customer in the left Customer List to immediately filter the full list of Archive Tickets to see only those for the select Customer.

Contact Email in Multiple MSPM Companies

If you have ever tried to add a contact to your MSPM Company and received an error “Email address already exists”, well no more 🙂. MSP Manager now supports contact email addresses to be used in multiple MSPM companies. When a user logs into your End User Portal, we automatically resolve the contact’s email to the list of contacts in your MSPM company only.

In the unlikely case where a contact tries to login using the generic MSPM Portal URL, we will ask the user which of their MSP’s Portals they would like to access. Once logged in, they can only see data for a single MSPM company, thus ensuring no data leakage across tenants.

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