Patch Management Engine (PME) v2.10GA

We are delighted to announce a new Patch Management Engine is scheduled to be released within the next few hours.

This release focuses on improving your overall patch experience by making improvements to how we handle 2 common device-level problems. These problems are out with our product however due to the frequency we would be asked about them we wanted to solve these for you.

  • We have improved the handling of scan results from the Windows Update Agent when it returns the same patch and GUID more than once.

    Impacted devices would show the error “An Item with the same key has already been added”

    In the scan results for those devices, we could see the scan results contained patches with the same GUIDs more than once, since GUIDs should always be unique the error was given as we could not add it to the dictionary again. Whilst this issue was within WUA itself it was possible for us to handle this within PME and remove the need for you to reset WUA and its components per device.
  • We have changed the caching of specific files by saving them to the filecacheservice folder rather than standard OS folders.

We found via support cases that devices do not always have permission to save to specific folders like %path%temp thus impacting the overall patching experience. Patch now downloads these files to our filecacheservice folder for an improved experience.

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