N-sight Patch Management Update

As part of the effort to resolve existing Patch Management issues within N-sight where the Patch Status check was not updating daily, we discovered the root cause was due to a small number of devices not having a patch policy and were using old legacy settings and this had a knock-on effect on other devices communicating with the dashboards. The devices that do not have a patch policy set will now show an error, and no longer affect devices that do have a patch policy set. 

If you receive the message, “The Patch Management scan did not complete successfully, but is attempting to automatically recover. No action is required at this time.” then this is likely because the device has no patch policy set and will look like the below device level screenshot:

N-able engineers are currently working on an update to automatically apply a patch policy in those instances. In the meantime, you can address the issue for individual devices by going to the Edit Device dialog and update the settings so that a Patch Management policy is selected.

Thank you for your patience and understanding.

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