Advance Notice: Cove version 23.3

N-able plans to release Cove Data Protection version 23.3 on March 15 and 16. This release brings a new capability for on-demand restores to Azure, as well as performance improvements and enhancements to the main management dashboard.

On-demand restore to Azure:
We are excited to announce that beginning March 16, we will introduce Microsoft Azure as a new on-demand recovery location. This new feature provides added flexibility and security to meet your data recovery needs. This capability joins the previously available ability to restore to a device’s original location, to a secondary end user location, or to the managed services provider’s data center.

Use cases include:

  • Disaster recovery of physical or virtual server workloads
  • Recovery of Azure VMs protected with Cove
  • Migration to Azure

Additional recovery enhancements:

  • When using the Standby Image feature on Hyper-V, you can now adjust the number of RAM and cores per device, to prevent issues with booting the recovered image due to insufficient resources.
  • In addition, both Standby Image restores and VDR restores using the Recovery Console will continue after disk or volume size increases on the protected device, which will increase the restore success rate.
  • The Cove Virtual Drive is now accessible via the Windows File Explorer.
  • Recovery support for virtual machines running on the Xen hypervisor has been added.

Backup enhancements:
This release includes the following enhancements to the backup process with Cove:

  • Microsoft SQL Server backups will be faster, due to accelerated scanning during the backup process.
  • With this release, you can set in the config.ini file a transport method for VMDK connections for VMware backup and restore.

Management Console:
The replacement of text labels with icons will improve at-a-glance visibility to active data sources in the main dashboard, and also improve data loading performance.

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