N-sight RMM: App Store management Apple devices

We are pleased to announce the addition of App Store management to N-sight’s Device Management for Apple.  N-sight can now receive a token from an Apple Business Manager or Apple School Manager account and deploy App Store purchases made in those accounts to deploy company-owned apps to Macs, iPhones, iPads, and even AppleTVs enrolled in N-sight.  

This means that end-users of the devices won’t need to use a personal Apple ID or some other workaround to get the business apps they need on managed devices.  You’ll be able to ensure they have all the apps they need, revoke the licenses as needed, and keep the apps up-to-date.

N-sight’s Device Management for Apple is multi-tenant, meaning you can set up the tokens for each customer’s own ABM/ASM account in one dashboard.  

Devices don’t need to have been enrolled in N-sight via ABM/ASM. Purchased apps can be deployed to devices that were manually enrolled also.

Read more in the documentation here: https://documentation.n-able.com/remote-management/userguide/Content/manage_apps.htm

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